Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Weirdo - tag

Thanks, Raju for tagging me! (How's that for weird no. 1!). Anyway, like Actresses(btw, I find female artists referred to as Actors too and not Actresses these days. Anybody knows the reason?) who talk about some role in a movie as "oh, that is/was a great role. I totally identify myself with the character, blah, blah..", this weirdo tag is totally for me!!

I religiously follow a routine. Very much like the check-out clerk at the grocery store, one little hitch in the sequence and I become a fish out of water! I count when I do monotonous jobs like stirring sugar in milk!

Women and observation go hand in hand, isn't it? I am hopeless in that. During my school/college days, when my friends would be discussing about the ear-ring/nose ring/bindi the compere wore in a TV Program or the white shirt/blue shirt guy they saw at the bus-stop, I would be lost! For, if I had looked at the compere/bus-stop guy, their attire/jewelery wouldn't have been noticed and vice versa!

It bugs me when the door knobs(namma ooru thazhpaal) are not fully pulled down. If it is left half way up/down, I would be uncomfortable until I straighten it out! Similarly, in the 60s-70s' movies, the heroines used to have a few locks of hair hanging from the sides/front which highly irritates me!

I absolutely hate anybody loading my dishwasher/folding clothes(I would redo it if someone tried to help!). My friends even suspect I have an obsessive compulsive disorder!

I can return empty handed from a shopping trip if I didn't find what I went looking for! When buttoning up a shirt, I do the odd(1,3,5) ones first and then the even(2,4,6)!

I dislike some of the most popular figures(like Steffi Graf, Sachin..) for no reason at all!


I said...

And I hate Tendulkar.

mitr_bayarea said...


Interesting.....looks like you have an organized person who likes routine and order in your life.....good for you in most ways!

Raju said...

From your line #1: Is that Raju weird #1? ;) I got what you meant only after reading it 2 more times.

I very much wish to follow a routine.. Last weekend, i bought an expensive 'yearly planner' with the wish that, atleast thinking about its price, I would organize and work that way. 3 days later, not even a single day has been filled by me.. :( Lemme see..

Your point #2 reminded me of this post of mine.

U dislike Sachin, huh? Cha.. I wont visit you at all anymore.. :( Paavam, enna thappu pannar avar? He is my rolemodel for the last 16 years - not w'out some strong reasons. Ennadhan weird-a irundhalum idhu toooo much..

Jinguchakka said...

I too have been tagged. May I copy paste your post? :-) Infact I could identify with some of your, what to say, hmm....quirky aspects.

tt_giant said...

he he! nice ones..

interesting point on your closing line.

Me too said...

I, I know!

mitr, ya, good for me (not to others say people around me!)

raju, indha dhammathoondu vishayathukku poi evlavu periya varthaiyelaam solreenga!

jc, please! I am eager to know which ones!

ttg, he he, danks!

SKM said...

certainly you are weird.
Are you single?If so, yellamae ok.
aana mixing milk with the count???LOL!
observation point:I don't agree with you. you certainly will observe so many things in which you have an interest.thodu,dress, pasangala observe pannadhadhu thappae illa,so don't worry.
point#3: same pinch about folding,cleaning and loading.
very very interesting to go through your blog.:D--SKM

Raju said...

chumma pulln ur legs

Me too said...

skm, thanku and welcome!
Me no single, married with kid!
unga blog history puirya dhaan neramaachu(Student cooking for 40 families-aannu aacharya patten)!

Raju, ogay!