Friday, August 05, 2005

Friday Melody

Hoping to have a Friday melody special with a theme(nature, colour as suggested by my dear friend, philosopher and ---guide, Sadhashiv) every week.

It is 'Kaatru' this week.

Kaatrekenna veli - Avargal

I cannot say which one I like the best about this song: the lyrics, the picturisation, the voice. One cannot help feeling elated listening to this song. In the picturisation, the first thing that comes to my mind is the scene where Sujatha hesitates and then goes ahead & plucks a flower where there is sign board saying 'Do not pluck flowers'!!

Kaatre en vaasal vandhaai - Rhythm

Vasanth, IMO, is the best director to come from KB's school(has anyone noticed that alternate movies of his are hits). Like his Guru, K. Balachander, Vasanth too has always given special importance to music in his movies. Enjoy this one from Rhythm.

Kaatril endhan geetham - Johnny

I have never seen this movie but love all the songs. So this is for all you Rajni fans!


fatwalleter said...

Some more Kattru songs.

Song : Kattre Poongattre
Artist: Chitra
Music : SA. Rajkumar
Movie : Priyamana Thozhi

Song : Pani Katrey
Artist: Balram, Sadhana Sargam
Music : Vidyasagar
Movie : Run

Song : Kaatru Kuthirayile
Artist: Sujatha
Music : AR. Rehman
Movie : Kadhalan

Balaji said...

agree with u on the 1st one... great song and very imaginative picturization. i remember those billboards that change with words like "made for each other" or something along those lines...

and u havent seen johny?! grrrrr...

KRTY said...

know this song ?

Kodi asaindhadhum
Kaatru Vandhadha
Kaatru Vandhadhum
Kodi asaindha dhaa

imagine 2 lovers, with a kinky rythm of the song dancing in a old sivaji type of wave-your-hands-in-the-air. phew !

fatwalleter, kaatru kudhirayile.. waw! what a song, and wat a remembrance.

tt_giant said...

Nice songs.

Isnt vasanth the one who directed keladi kannmani?.

Thalaivar padam paakaliya.. chandramukhi payee unga veetukku varapodhu.. :D

ada-paavi!!!! said...

u havent seen jhonny? uve missed something,poi padatha paru, thalai super acting!

actually i like all 3 songs, ARR song at his peak and b4 his bwood venture so good music, love tat song.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

I came here from Balaji's 'Aasai'.
You have a nice blog. We have a lot in common...please check my blog.!

I liked all the songs.! The first one..Is it kannadasan.? All the movies are class. Vasanth - IMHO is a great Movie maker of modern times.

Thanks for all the songs.!! keep it coming with 'Themes' like this.!

tt_giant said...

BTW, I have linked your blog..

jack said...

more katru :)

1)Kattru velli idai kannamma -kapal Otiiya Tamizhan
2)katthu kathu kathhu - uzhavan
3)Katrodu kuzhalin - kodai mazhai

Me too said...

fatwalleter, thanks for the detailed list.

Balaji, Deepak, Vatsan
Not only Johnny, I have not seen any Rajni movie since 'Guru Sishyan'(except Baba!)

Keerthi, how come you always come up with Mjaar, Sivaji songs???

Narayanan Sir, thanks for visiting my blog and your encouraging words. Yes, 'kaatrukenna veli' is by Kannadaasan.

Deepak, thanks. BTW, yes, Vasanth is the one who directed 'Keladi Kanmani'(and 'Aasai', 'Rhythm' among others).

Senthil, thanks for the extra kaathu. How did I miss the uzhavan song, Che!!(Kannamma song is reserved for future topics)

Raju said...

Kaathodu Poo Urasa
Poovai Vandurasa

kaatrukku kaatrukku
traffic signal illai

old time classic of MSS:
Kaatrinile varum geetham

Me too said...

gp, thanks for the songs. 'Kaatrinile varum geetham' by MSS is a gem!