Monday, August 15, 2005

Pongi vazhiyum NR-I patriotism!!

Until she was in India, she was as normal as any other Indian, neither felt proud nor sorry for being an Indian, did not contribute anything to the country and hence did not expect much from it , enjoyed Independance days, Republic days like any other holidays either in the company of friends/relatives or watching the 'whatever' day specials on TV.

It was only after leaving the 'porandha maNN' that Patriotism started overflowing! Giving broad smiles to fellow Indians, reading Newpapers from front to back for India news, watching News/documentaries on TV featuring anything Indian, picking up fights with every person who complained about Indian (lack of) facilities or bureaucracies etc. The height was watching Ms Universe/World shows or the Olympics Parade!!! The latest addition is her brightening face when her daughter points to India's map and says, 'India'!!

No prizes for guessing who that 'she' in there is, it is me, ofcourse! It was only recently that I came to know about the Independance day Parade in NYC (from Senthil's blog). My first reaction was 'enna patriotism!'. But when I gave it some more thought, I realised how pseudo-patriotic I have become! Wish Nagesh Kukunoor had shown how Ashwini lived and reacted in the US in his part II of Hyderbad Blues!!

Diversity is both a boon and bane to India. I cannot think of another country in our earth even half as big as India, even quarter of India's population, with as many languages, religions, castes and still as one. Though I say the above sentence with pride, I also feel that a lot of time and energy is spent in keeping it together. When I think of India, I remember most school teachers famous complaint to parents, 'He/She has the potential. If he/she puts enough effort, he/she will definitely come out in flying colours'!!!


fatwalleter said...

True. Absence of a common language (like English in the USA or UK) is a cause for most of the issues that India faces. Regional differences crop up all the time. For everyone in Bombay, anybody from South of India is Madrasi and for almost all South Indians, anybody speaking Hindi is North Indian. If someone tries to introduce a language (for ex. Hindi) as a compulsory subject in schools, that is cause enough to burn a bus or two or cause other mob violence.

But having said all that, India still is and will remain a great country. Jai Hind.

jack said...

Yes you are right aparna.The country does not have a single common language.we are not able to make hindi or english as the one language that we can speak.we cannot accept english, because of our pride, or hindi cause then u have to know 3 languages.we are struck in between.

Iam sure one day an avenue will open up where u can contribute something substantial to india :).

Me too said...

fatwalleter & Sen,

Exactly! Because of the language problem and tussles between central/regional govts., most often the message gets twisted or even lost.