Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Friday Melody

Enjoy some 'flower' songs today!

Poove iLaya poove - Kozhi Koovudhu

Malaysia Vasudevan is not associated with melodies much but this is one of the rare ones.

Poove sempoove - Solla Thudikkudhu Manasu

One of the many melodies of K J Yesudas.

Poo vaasam - Anbe Sivam

A lovely song and picturisation!! What else can I say!

Poove vaai pesum - 12B

After 'Kaaka kaaka', I've begun to like HJ's music. This, I am guessing, was his debut album.

Phoolon ka taaronka - Hare Rama Hare Krishna

And you thought I had forgotten 'Raksha Bandhan'!!

"Poo mazhai pozhiyattum"


KRTY said...

i dunno if you ever watch this trend. when you give a movie listing or song listing or any listing for that matter :) many feel like giving you some suggestions of items missed in the list.

here's one.

"pennalla pennalla oodha poo" from Uzhavan.

trust me, and play this song, and listen to the way the music is choreographed. every inch of music is crafted with extreme care. i only wish rahman starts being the usual guy.

Balaji said...

12B was one of HJ's good ones but his debut was 'minnale' :)

thalaivar paattu onnu kooda illaama oru listaa??!! how about 'thaazhampoove vaasam veesu' from 'kai kodukkum kai'. a personal all-time favorite :)

tt_giant said...

nice collection.. of course, there is this great song from mullum malarum, albeit featuring sarth babu.. - senthalampoovil vandhaadum thendral..

poove sempoove is my fav in your list.

Anonymous said...

Nalla choice.. My other favorite poo songs:

#1. Poo pookkum Osai.. (What a song.. Full of life..)

* Poonkaviyam Pesum oviyam (KJY in Karpoora Mullai of Fazil)

* Poove poochoodava (chinna kuyil's one of the first songs)

* Poo maalaiye thol seravaa.. (Pagal Nilavu)

* Poonthalir aada.. (Panneer Pushpangal)

All the best poo songs are superb melodies..

Me too said...

Keerthi, it is natural and I welcome it and it was for that reason that I wrote 'Poo mazhai pozhiyattum' at the end of the post.
I have enjoyed Uzhavan's music when it was released. 'Kaathu, kaathu' was my favourite.

Balaji, thanks for the correction. BTW, 'unga thalaivar patthi dhan post-a pottu thaLLareengale. podhadha?'

Deepak, it is a wonderful song. I restricted myself to songs starting with 'Poo' this time as otherwise the list was going endless!!

gp, very good list. 'Panneer Pushpangal' and 'Karpoora mullai' songs hadn't struck me.

jack said...

more poo song with that melodic feel..

pooveukkul olindhirukum ... jeans
poovukellam siragu -uyirodu uriraga
poo poothathai yaar parthathu - kathanayagan
poovilley medai naan podava - pagal nilavu

Me too said...

Sen, thanks. I had almost listed 'pooviley medai..' but somehow decided against it!!

Anonymous said...

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