Friday, August 12, 2005

Friday Music - Independance day Spl.

A homage to the numerous unsung heroes/heroines of our country whose sacrifices has led us to enjoy this freedom.

Paarukulle - Kappalotiya Tamizhan

If this patriotic song by Bharathiyaar makes us lift our heads with pride now, what boost it would have been for the freedom fighters then!

Tamizha tamizha - Roja

Even after 58 years of freedom, we are still dealing with border problems with our neighbour. Hope that the talks bring peace.

Mile sur

Doordharshan had some wonderful music videos on National Integration in the late 80s/early 90s. I am sure this will be an ever-green favourite with you all too just as me.


tt_giant said...

Nice collection. its been a while since i listened to mile sur.. thanks!

my, my.. you are celebrating all important dates a pirori?

Balaji said...

nice collection... i've always thot that the scene in 'roja' where arvind swamy puts off the burning flag with his body(with the interlude of 'thamizha thamizha' in the background) was the most patriotic scene in tamil cinema ever. gives me goosebumps every time i see it...

Raju said...

I too have to say Nice Collection.. my addition would be Yeh Duniya.. from Pardes... Hariharan was awesome..

KRTY said...

Velli Pani Malayin Meedhulaavuvom
Adi, Melai Kadal Muzhudhum Kappal Viduvom

Palli Thalam Anaiththum Koyil Seyyuvom
Engal Baratha Desam Endru ThoL Kottuvom !

Ever heard this amazingly great song. The rythm of the song till the end, is very very structural. :) i like it the most.

Border problems - One thing my friend was telling me yesterday. We were conquered by the british, they are supposed to be our enemies. We, now are friendly with them. But Pakistan, was from us. Our own soil. But we are happy enemies to them. Why ?

Me too said...

Deepak, thanks. Be warned, more are to follow!!

Balaji, I totally agree!

gp, Hariharan and Kavitha Krishnamurthy , isn't it? Ya, wonderful song.

'Ever heard...'- Ippidi kettuputteengale!!
I had the most difficult time deciding which song to list from 'Kappalotiya thamizhan'.

Thought provoking!
"oru thayin vayitril piranthor - thammul
sandai seidhaalum sagodharar anro"

Kaps said...

Indha Desathin Kural (Desam / swades) is also worthy of adding to this list.

Me too said...

Kaps, thanks for the song and for dropping by.