Friday, December 09, 2005

Friday Melody - Bharathiyaar II

December 11th, 2005 is Mahakavi Bharathiar's 123rd birth anniversary. So, I take this opportunity to share another installment of his gems. Today's special features some of his 'Kannamma' songs.

Kaatru velli idai - Kappalotiya Thamizhan

Veenai adi - Ezhavadhu Manidhan

Ninnaiye - Kanne Kaniyamudhe

I have to thank the cinema medium for attractively packaging the works of Bharathi to people like me. Even though I got to learn his poems in School, singing 'Thayin mani kodi paareer...' or 'Om Shakthi om shakthi om' didn't exactly excite me the way the 'kaakai chiraginile' or 'Theertha karaiyinile' in movies did. Anyway, today I enjoy his songs in any style. A few years back, I had asked a friend to record all Bharathiar's songs featured in movies. Since that criteria did not fill the entire cassette, either my friend or the cassette store fellow included some carnatic ones too. Thanks to her or him. Today, it has become an obsession with me to collect Bharathiar songs sung by different singers.

Check out my Earlier special on Bharathi.


Balaji said...

hello, idhu nyayamaa?! just 1 day later dec 12th varudhe... adhukku no friday melody??!! indha kamal rasigargale ippadi thaan... romba biased!!

NaiKutti said...

i don't listen much to bharathiyar songs... but if it is playing somewhere i enjoy :-)... his words have profound meanings... good dedication :-)

ada-paavi!!!! said...

yep, i shud thank taamil cinema for familiarising me with barathi, nice songs,

enna rendu list la theerthakarai from Varimaiyin niran sivappu kanum? saving it for instalment 3?? sooper song, no BGM just vocals, MSV oda sooper soong

cellvi said...

Recently i heard the song "chinnanjiru kiliye" from the movie Aanai, Iman's music was good. Kettingla??

Raju said...

'Veenaiyadi' is such a lovely song.. Ezhavadhu Manithan is full of Bharathi songs, ille? I was looking for 'Ninnaiye' song.. thanks for the link.. BTW, very good list..

:-) at Balaji.. Bharathiyarku marunaal pirandhadhaaley indha gadhidhaan..

Me too said...

Balaji, had I been the really biased Kamal fan that I was in the pre-blogging days, I would've included 'Theertha karaiyinile'!! 'Paarunga evlo considerate-ta irukken'!!

Karthik, glad you enjoy them occasionally!

Vatsan, ellam indha dec 12th-aale!

Cellvi, thanks for the pointer. It was good.

Raju, yes, the songs make me want to watch the movie, 'Ezhavadhu Manithan'. Sethil had given the link to the song 'ninaiye' in the earlier spl.

Munimma said...

My love for his poems was ignited by one of my teachers, who talked about his poems and discussed them in great detail. And another factor was 7th man, the songs were composed beautifully. Then my little book of Bharathi's poems. It has seen better days, but there are a lot of good memories in those pages. Such a fertile imagination!

Me too said...

Munimma, 'Bharathiar Kavidhaigal' is one of my 'priced possessions' too. Before I won it for some competition, my grandmother used to share her copy with me(she would see to it that I returned it to the same day itself and intact!!!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the songs. Ninnaiyae is a beautiful song. From where does this 'guy' get his imagination and inspiration.
If you have not yet heard songs from the movie "Bharathi", pls do so. Nirpadhuvae is another awesome song.

Me too said...

anand, thanks for the comments. Songs from 'Bharathi' were awesome. I had listed 'nirpadhuvae' in my earlier Bharathi spl linked in my post.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot! » » »