Friday, December 16, 2005

Friday Melody - Rajni!

Unbelievable?!! 'Chennai-leye mazhai kotto-kottunnu kottudhu, idhellam enna periya, ille'!! I have always been an extremely biased Kamal fan. So biased that I would not even watch a Rajni movie on TV and worse, wouldn't let my family watch it either(another reason for them to be glad about when I left home after marriage!)! The spell was broken by 'Baba'!! Just curious to know what was(or wasn't) in it that even his fans couldn't stand!!

Anyway, 'Bias-less' Balaji was upset about my last week's Friday melody! For quite sometime, I had been wondering (in 'Dhuruvan style') if I should include one Rajni song along with Bharathiar special or surprise everyone with a Rajni spl.! So, here goes to all you Rajni fans, especially my 'F, P& _G' Sadashiv and BB!!

Ramanin mohanam - Netri Kann

Thazham poove - Kai Kodukkum Kai

Iru vizhin vazhiye - Siva

Konji konji - Veera


Balaji said...

Finally! late-a vandhaalum latest-a vandhadhula sandhosham :)

no theme(other than thalaivar, ofcourse) to the songs i guess? #2 is among my all-time favorites and #4 is a great one too :)

Munimma said...

:-) Aparna, we probably were twins in a previous birth ;-)

Raju said...


Surprising melodies.. As Balaji said, 'Thazham poove' is a beautiful song.. 'Konji konji' was done in by the kids at the end.. IMHO, it need not have been there in the audio cassette.. in movie, its OK.. 'Iru vizhiyin' paattu kettadhaaga gnabagam illai..

ada-paavi!!!! said...

lovely songs,
superb, i liked all of em,
all masterpieces by IR,

keerthi said...

aparna, extremely biased kamal fan.. join the Devi Paradise Andavar Kamal Bhakthargal Unit .. Do you know such a thing exist. Naan kooda ippo dhaan member aanen... Bala (Karthik) holds it.

Bala (Karthik) said...

1. Great songs but may i suggest one more entry? - Sundari Kannal (Thalabadhi) MASTERPIECE!
2. Vaazhga Selvi/Thirumadhi Aparna Avargal

As Keerthi mentioned, i am a member of Paradise Kamal Bhakthargal Unit. I'm starting my own Kamal Narpani Iyakkam in a couple of weeks.
Varuga Varuga,
Aandavar Pugazh Valarga!

cellvi said...

Atlast some good thalaivar songs, particularly 3rd one from siva, is excellent.

tt_giant said...

adhaan thalaivaru!. nice list.. all four are classics..

Me said...

do u listen to rajini songs?

NaiKutti said...

good songs... just wondering why would u link music with the actors??

:: The Protector :: said...

nice collections....

kodikara theivam koraiya pichikkitu kodukuthu.....

247cm rain in chennai...first in 100yrs *HECK*


Me too said...

Balaji, verum 'ra ra'-nnale ungalukku porum polarukke!!

Munimma, '(yen mel vizhundha mazhai thuliye) ithanai naaLaai engirundhaai!!' We are the M&M's!!

Raju, 'kali kaalam!! Adhaan!' The 'vizhiyin' is a beautiful song.

Vatsan, true. If not for the eyes, they are a treat to the ears!

Keerthi, I am aware of it. 'Ungala eppidi sethukitaanga theriyala!'

Bala(karthik), ya, 'Sundari' vitu pochu!
Vaazhthukkal!! Valarga ungaL paNi!

Cellvi, atlast someone who knows and enjoys the 'vizhiyin' song!(Ivar dhaan unga thalaivara?!) :(

Deepak, sandhosam dhaane!!

me, good one!! What to do, can shut the eyes but not the ears!!

Karthik, sonnene, ext. biased KH fan-nnu! But some songs just cross the line(like #1 and #3).

Vishnu, 'kadavule karunai kaatuppa'!! These days nature seems to be in record shattering spree everywhere!!