Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Dus, Nau, Aat....(sing in 'Ek, Do, Theen' tune!)!

Like from time to time, Florida sends its weather system to us in the North East, my fellow Floridian blogger friends send me Tag showers! This time it is from TMDB, Raju!!

10 favorites:
Favorite Season: Chennai Winter!
Favorite Sport : Odi pidichu (Tag, is it not in English?)
Favorite Time: Morning
Favorite Month: June
Favorite Actor: Kamalhaasan
Favorite Actress: Revathy
Favorite Icecream: Brownie Earthquake
Favorite Food: Masaal Dosai
Favorite Drink: Flavoured Milk
Favorite Place: Home

9 currents:
Current Feeling: Relief (Prev Post)
Current O/S: Windows XP
Current Windows open: Outlook Express
Current Drink: none
Current Time: 3:20 PM
Current Mobile(s) used: Motorola
Current show on TV: Barney!
Current Thought: What to cook for dinner?
Current Cloth: Fleece

8 Firsts:
First nick: Appu
First kiss: Got or gave?
First crush: Blackie!
First computer: 8088!
First vehicle I drove: BSA SLR!
First job: Trainee
First movie I watched on Pulse Global's Print: ???
First pet: My daughter!
First shave (men)/Hairstyle (women): At age 7

7 lasts:
Last chai (tea): Celestial seasoning's Chai
Last movie: Majaa
Last time I drove: Tuesday
Last time shaved (men) / Beauty parlor visit (women): last year!
Last website visited:
Last software installed: not my dept. now!
Last pill I had: can't remember!

6 Have you evers:
Have you ever broken the law: Yes
Have you ever been drunk: No
Have you ever climbed a tree: No
Have you ever kissed someone you didnt know: No
Have You Ever Been in the Middle/Close to Gunfire or Bomb Blast: No
Have you ever broken anyone's heart: hopefully!(how many broke mine!)

5 Things:
Things you can hear right now: water dripping(got to shut it!)
Things on your computer table: too many to list!
Things on your bed: pillows, comforters
Things you ate today: Rice, Rasam, Curd
Things in mind: same as above!

4 places you have been today:
Only Home

3 people you can tell anything to:

2 choices
Black or white: Black
Hot or cold: Cold

1 thing you want to do before you die:
Already covered in Rainbow Tag


Vijay Ramamurthi said...

odi pidichaa.. many broke ur heart :)))))))))))))

nice one

NaiKutti said...

First vehicle: "BSA SLR!" -- u sure... chinna vayasula u would have tried the kutti tricycle... :-)

"Last pill I had: can't remember!" -- u got to take a pill to increase ur memory :-)

Unknown said...

ippo kuda odi pudichu is your favourite game?.....

Ur first crush Blackie was a....?

interesting read.

Vishnu said...

//Last time shaved (men) / Beauty parlor visit (women): last year!

Nambaaaaaaaaaa Mudiaaaaaaaaa Villaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!!!!!!!! ;)

//Have you ever climbed a tree: No



Raju said...

Paravayillaiye.. ivlo seekkiram mudichitteenga..

LOL'ed at the 'pattam' u gave me.. Gotta live upto the high expectations..

Current Thought: What to cook for dinner?
LOL.. Veettukku veedu vaasarpadi.. :-)

Hope you enjoyed writing this post.. ;-)

'Me too' wrote a tag post yesterday.. :-)

Me too said...

Vijay, "how many broke ur heart :)))))))))))))" - Sirikareengala??? Anyway, 'onra renda...'!!

Karthik, 'nenavu therinju, aasapattu, vaai polandhu vaanginndadhu pa, BSA SLR'!!

Rashmi, welcome! 'Odi pudichu' was forced on me as otherwise to get things done from my 3 yr old is sooo difficult!! Blackie-ya, apparam solren!!

Vishnu, 'yemaatha mudiyaadhu polarukku ungale!'

Raju, Kindal panreengala? Naa eppavume Last-le first!!
Andha 'pattam', the great bb kuduthadhu!!
Tag is a 'love-hate' thing for me! Will check yours soon!

tt_giant said...

enna aparna.. hearts broken question ku.. hopefully nu badhil?. ungalukku theriyaamala irukkum?..

seems like nowadays i donno what to comment on tag posts.. vayasaaiduchu nu nanaikaren.. ;-)

Me too said...

Deepak, 'therinjirindha break-aaga vitiruppena!!! (enakku innaikku odhai nichayam!)'
Now that we keep telling our daughter that she is 3 and that she is big girl etc., she inturn asks us 'how old are you?'. 'Ennikku velile idha kettu maanatha vanga poralo'! LOL!

Anonymous said...

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