Friday, December 02, 2005

Friday Melody - Sangeetham

It is December and in Chennai, after(hopefully!) all the monsoon mazhai, it is Sangeetha mazhai season. So, this Friday, it is all 'sangeetha' songs.

Sangeetha swarangal - Azhagan
Music by Maragadha Mani. If I remember right, he went by different names in each language. I loved his music. Pity, he did not make it big in any of the language!

Sangeedha megam - Udhaya Geetham
One of 'Mike' Mohan's movies and a good thriller(in those days!) too.

Sangeetha jaathimullai - Kadhal Oviyam
One of the many movies with excellent songs for listening (only! Can neither watch "Kann"an's expressions or Radha's so called dance!).


Vijay Ramamurthi said...

Thamizh naatula erkanave bayangara mazhai, ethula sangeetha mazhai veraya...
besh besh !!!!!!!!

Balaji said...

'sangeetha swarangal' is an absolute delight. the way it is picturized is really sweet too as mammootty and banups talk on the fone thro the night. it ends with the famous doordarshan opening tune right? :)

Kris said... too...kalakittinga..seriyana selection..u can add this one too...though not a popular song..."Sangeetham paade.." from the movie...Ethu Namma Aalu :-))

Raju said...

Wow.. all the three songs are top-notch.. esp. the first two..

Yeah, Maragathamani was 'keeravani' in Telugu and recently 'MM Kreem' in Hindi.. I like his melodies..
Have a good weekend!!

cellvi said...

Sangeetha Swarangal good choice, picturised in a typical K.B. style.

NaiKutti said...

the song from azhagan movie is just awesome... "repeat" la pottu kettukitte irrukalam...

and as for chennai mazhai updates... it rained like crazy on friday (day and night) and since then its been drizzling... but most parts of chennai are flooded :-(

Me too said...

Vijay, I hoped the bayangara mazhai would stop for the sangeedha mazhai to begin!

Balaji, yes, it does. btw, does dd still use that clip/tune?

Kris, thanks. 'Sangeetham paade' somehow didn't fit my melody group!!

Raju, I like songs from 'Is Raat ki subah nahin', 'Criminal' etc. in his M. M. Kreem avatar!

Cellvi, yes, typical K. B. style.

Karthik, "megam kottattum"-nnu sonnadhu poga, ippo 'rain rain go away' solla vendi aayiduthu!

Deepa said...

You are so right about Maragadha Mani alias MMKreem alias what not. His kind of music was classy.

Me too said...

Deepa, welcome! Glad that I've got company!