Friday, March 17, 2006

FM - AK41!!

Ofcourse, it's Aamir Khan birthday(March 14) special melody!

Ey mere - Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak

Pehla nasha - Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikander

Dil hain ke manta nahin - DHKMN

Hoshwalon - Sarfarosh

Koi kahen - Dil Chahta Hai


I said...

Aamir is one of the very few guys that's talented in Bollywood.

Akele Hum Akele Tum has losta nice numbers too.

Balaji said...

no songs from ur latest favorite RDB??

Raju said...

AK41? That was really cool.. :-)

I love the songs 1-4 but, 'Koi kahen' as a melody? Though a terrifically choreographed song, I would have expected 'Jaane kyon' or even 'Tanhayee'...
'Pehla Nasha' was #1 in 'Top 8 at 8' FM91 show on AK a few years ago. BTW, heard the songs of 'Hum hain rahi pyar ke?'

kuttichuvaru said...

pehla nasha... awesome song

i like tanhaayee better in DCH!!

but today is march 17 rite... am i seein the calendar right??

mitr_bayarea said...

All the ones you've listed are my favorites too, like the title sond from RDB, Tanhayee in Dil Chahta Hai, Muje Neend Naa Aaye song from Aamir's early movies Dil,akhe hum akele tum song that Aamir shares with his son, Hei Kya Bolti Tu super song from Ghulam and of course Aamir's songs and role in Rangeela

Me too said...

MT, totally agree!!

Balaji, RDB dhaan ippa kettukitte irukome! Oru nostalgia effect-kku dhaan!

Raju, " 'Koi kahen' as a melody?" - Oops! My bad! The title song completely slipped my mind!
"BTW, heard the songs of 'Hum hain rahi pyar ke?'" - Indha No. 1 AK fan-a paathu enna kelvi kettuteenga? :(

Kuttichavaru, every Friday, I list a few favourite melodies based on some theme or keyword. This week, it is me showing my abimanam(belated wishes) to my favourite Actor!

Mitr, after your list, went non-stop Aamir in!

I said...

Though I don'tunderstand how aamir acted in a film like Lagaan.

The Talkative Man said...

Gave up listening to Hindi FM after mid-90s, so nothing to mention here. QSQT was released b/ween May 5 and 12, 1988 and revived JC's career....did she have any good film between QSQT and her debut in Sultanat(with Karan Kapoor, 1984)?

Me too said...

AAT, for cost cutting, ofcourse! Afterall he produced the movie! :)

TTM, 'Yengeyo poyiteenga'!! My husband was surprised that I even remember the year QSQT was released and here you are even mentioning the week!!
There was a tamil movie with JC and Ravichandran though not sure if it came out before or after QSQT(and if it was a good movie or not!).

The Talkative Man said...

me too,
Do you recollect a program called "This week that year" on Mondays 9PM on Star Movies(in 1997-99), compered by Sanjeev(?) Kapoor? It was a great treasure trove of bollywood and showcased clippings of old movies released that week in the past. Was a great nostalgia stirrer. Lot of good info.(After I discovered Raja/MSV in 2001, permanent goodbye to Hindi cinema)
The JC movie is Paruva Ragam dubbed from Kannada(music by Hamsalekha, 1987). About 3 yrs ago, a seasoned tamil fan told me songs were a hit in TN. Look in for Kaadhal Illai Enral and Poove unnai nesithen -> My kannada cubicle-mate played that song and when its over, the tam guy nearby would retaliate with the tamil version of Poove and listening to the same tune in 2 langs drove us nuts!
Kannada composers Vijayabaskar, Hamsaleka and Vijay Anand all gave rollicking songs to SPB in their tamil films.

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