Friday, March 31, 2006

FM - 'Poongatru'

Poongatru - Moodram Pirai

Poongatre - Kunguma Chimizh

Poongatru - Mudhal Mariyadhai

Poongatre - Friends

P.S. - Like getting a clove at the last bite of a laddoo, recently I was listening to some lovely songs in thendral when the last song was this 'Azhage brahmanidham' from 'Devadhaiyai Kanden' which refused to leave in my head ruining my day!


VC said...

How could you forget 'Poongaatru un paer solla' from Vetri Vizha (I was going to type Vetti Vizha by mistake. Talk about a classic Freudian slip)!

Raju said...

Nice list, with flowers blooming all over and cool breeze trying to carry whatever little smell the flowers have got..

Moondram pirai's was very special.. In fact, depending on my mood, I used to like this better at times than 'Kanney'..

And another miss is 'Poongaatriley' from Uyire. Though that song was least heard by me in that album, I think it is a nice melody.

BTW, as expected, our Atlanta program was very hectic. We left on Wednesday afternoon, and until then, we were literally on a skateboard all the time. We saw nothing. Had only two eating outs... one lunch at 'Haveli' on Andrew Young and a group dinner at Mary Mac's, off Juniper.

The Talkative Man said...

New and well-worn picks this time.

Used to be tempted into listening 70s songs late into the fri night in the earlier weeks after checking some of ur picks(doze off with bedsheet on the couch, after digging into evergreen lazy nos. like Ragangal 16, Irumanam konda, Samsaaram enbadhu, Kana kaanum - MSV/SPB rocking you to sleep like an overnight train journey in 3 songs).

Read your comments on Lata in MPK.
You really think so? I'm a Lata-basher but actually my friend made me listen a yr back to Dil Deewaana's Aaaa haaaa haaaaa humming in the middle...Just listen to that snippet alone, do you not find SPB struggling and gasping there while Lata seamlessly hits the high notes? just compare and see.

NaiKutti said...

Great picks... i would also add poongatru un per solla from vetri vizha...

azhage bremmanidam is a good song only to listen... partha sagikathu :-)

I said...

TTM, SPB struggling..that's a bit of an extrapolation, in my opinion.

Me too said...

VC, welcome! The Vetti(!) Vizha song was conveniently left out for commentators to point out! :)
Actually, I thought it didn't stand a chance against 'Moondram Pirai' song.

Raju, 'Poongatriley' missed out b'cos the hindi version 'Ey ajnabi' is my favourite and the better version, IMO!
ATL vandhuttu, en samayal-lerndhu thappichiteengala!! :) Anyway, Good luck with your move!

ttm, thanks!
I am neither a Lata worshipper nor a basher. I am okay with her 'Lukka chuppi' or even 'Didi tera devar'. But, IMO, her voice was too mature for the young and sweet Bhagyashree in 'MPK'.

Karthik, 'azhage bremmanidam' good song-a? I cannot even lend my ears! Paarka kaasu kudutha kooda no, no!