Monday, March 27, 2006

From the News!

Sunita Narain, Bhure Lal commended by Time

People file lawsuits for any to every thing these days. To see human beings like Sunita Narain and Bhure Lal are doing it for a cause, win the case and bring change is truly commendable.

'Adopt a lake' in IT city

Very often we are hearing about urban development destroying the natural habitat of a place. Hats off to Mr. Mishra and the Palm Meadows Residents Association for setting an example to the rest of us.


I said...

Doesn't that strike u as weenie lefty hogwash?

Me too said...

AAT, oh, idhu dhaan 'lefty'-a?(Indha left, right purinjadhey ille even on roads!)

Anonymous said...

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