Friday, March 24, 2006

FM - Vasantha Kaalam

Spring has sprung (officially since Monday!). Back in Chennai, I had never understood why the English poets used to go ga-ga over spring(I didn't even know how a daffodil looked like when learning William Wordsworth's poem)! But now to see the leaves appearing on the 'mottai' trees and little flowers popping up to see the winter gone is such a beautiful sight! Anyway, enjoy some of our 'vasantha kaala' songs.

Vasantha kaala nadhigale - Moondru Mudichu

Vasantha kaalangal - Rayil payanangal

Vasantha kaala kolangal - Thyagam


kuttichuvaru said...

hooray!! its spring!!

Raju said...

Great choice..

Over here, spring started almost a month back, with the city full of flowers.. they are falling off slowly now.. :-(

'Vasantha kaala kolangal' is a superb song.. During 'Nandri nandri Deva.. unnai marakka mudiyumA', Janaki was terrific.

BTW, we will be in ur city from Tomorrow till Wednesday. Will be crazily busy with a big meeting of the Chemical society. Our life there will revolve around the downtown area of CNN center, Georgia dome and convention center.

Initially, I was thinking of the possibility of a get-together, but with the tight schedule of the various parallel sessions, we would probably be dead at the end of the day.

The Talkative Man said...

Vkn is too villainous a song to welcome spring. But with the PJ-VJ combo at work, absolutely no complaints. Like most versions, this clip too excludes the final part sung by MSV for Rajni, as he smugly cherishes Kamal's demise. I first heard and saw the song in a video clip( and immensely liked it - the mouth organ devoid of its artist helplessly conveys the disaster in the end. First song in Rajni's career.

TR of 1980-82 and Simbu of today...butterfly followed by the caterpillar.

U too raju?? :) Whistlestop trip via Atl tomm. Laser show@StoneMountain begins early this spring, check it out if you stay long enough.

Me too said...

Kuttichuvaru, yeah, yay, yipee(psst... all old songs, eh?)!!

Raju, FL a bit ahead of the rest of the US, eh?
If my daughter was old enough, we could have made it to the Chemisty Fun day too! If weekends are going to be busy, you are welcome to visit us during weekday evenings too.

TTM, more than VKN, I was scared of listing VKK(sounds such a sad song!).
"Butterfly" has had some really colourful(& beautiful like "idhu kuzhandhai padum") songs in the earlier days!
"Whistlestop trip via Atl tomm"-Are you in ATL too now? Don't tell me you are going to attend this(my relative's) birthday party on Sunday too!! ;)
Ulagam(Americans-kku US dhaane ulagam!)suttrum vaalibara neenga?!

The Talkative Man said...

me too,
It is believed that 'all-rounder' TR's faithful set of assistant composers disappeared after that 80-82 phase :)

ATL was vizhiyile malarndhadhu(first city i lived in) and since then uyirile kalandhadhu(brief aft/evening roam due to unexpected situations) for me :) Burnt rubber on every available road there although cumulatively stayed less than 3 months. I used to be at ease with all the Marta stns just like the bombay local train stns.

If you havent seen much yet, now is a good time to start on the limitless attractions(slot the Stone Mtn lasershow/fireworks for July 2-4 only).

Me too said...

ttm, "It is believed that 'all-rounder' TR's faithful set of assistant composers disappeared after that 80-82 phase :)" - OMG!!

"brief aft/evening roam due to unexpected situations" - 'onnume puriyale saami'!!

Hunting and researching Grocery stores and schools are taking up our weekends!! Except for the 'Gone with the wind museum', nothingelse is exciting right now. With a 3 yr old tagging along, CNN tower and Coca-cola factory are the last thing we want to visit!! But Stone mountain and Yellow river game ranch are in the pipe-line for late Spring/early summer!

The Talkative Man said...

We normally go as a big group on long drives across 4-5 states and ATL is usually a stopover for an unplanned meal, not more than 2-3 hrs are spent there. Cherians & Chamblee IFM were the preferred ones. SMP and Aqua are the best for kids. [we used to call Marietta St which leads to CNN as Maariyaatha St and Dunwoody Rd as Jaangudi Rd ;)] Tennessee is also a nice place with cute old houses and route from ATL is also very scenic

Me too said...

ttm, wow! Long drives across 4-5 states-a?! Inime, neenga dhaan sir enga States guide!!

Anonymous said...

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