Friday, March 03, 2006

Friday Melody - '1000'!!

No, this is not my 1000th Friday melody post(regular post-e innum 3 figures yettale!). Inspired after listening to the Niram Maaradha Pookkal song on recently.

Aayiram thirunaal - Pudhu vasantham

Aayiram malargaley - Niram Maaradha Pookkal

Aayiram thamarai - Alaigal oivadhillai

Aayiram Penmai - Vazhkai Padagu


Munimma said...

Q: Whatever happened to those white angels who used to hang/dance/prance around the heroines in Tamil movies?

Talking about ayiram reminds me of the rip roarin 1000 uthai vangiya a.s. by SVS.

Would orayiram paarvayiley count? Asokan as hero :-)

And how could you forget SPB's classic ayiram nilave vaa? Sacrilege ;-)

Neets said...

nice song, but now listen to me. u have been tagged and check my blog for details. :)

The Talkative Man said...

Is there a limit on # of songs featured?
Vani jairam's Ayiram andugal is another good song:
(the current playlist on my portable mp3 player has one Jency solo alternating with one Vani solo, starting with 1000 malargale).

Tip: a criticism-free selection for SPB special would be one song per music director.

Me too said...

Munimma, (oops!! 'ayiram nilave vaa' vitutena'?:{ ) yellam, neenga credit yeduthukka dhaan!! ;)
BTW, nowadays the movie Producers have no money to lavishly spend on full length (white)dresses for junior artistes!!

Neets, 'phasadhiya na'! Thankfully you did not tag me for the 'dream partner'!

ttm, limit only for the time I can spend browsing, cutting and pasting!! :)
Oh, can't seem to recollect that VaniJ song!!
Thanks fro the SPB spl. tip!

Raju said...

Nice collection.. Reminded me of the days when the competition for most-boring performance was to sing 'Ayiram nilave vaa.. thollayirathu thonnoothu ombodhu nilave vaa...' and descending further until people around start screaming to stop... :)

tt_giant said...

looks like it has been a 1000 days since I posted my comments!. Nice collection.

Me too said...

Raju, oh, my God!!

Deepak, welcome back! Commenting from 1000+ miles away, eh? Hope your move went smooth.

NaiKutti said...

Aayiram reminds me of Aayiram nilave va -- the song raju mentioned :-).

And to my surprise, I haven't listened to most of the songs you have listed :-)

The Talkative Man said...

It's a nice mangalakaramAna song on the lines of SamsAram enbadhu veenai, unfortunately not available on any site :( Used to come on RajTV latenight vintage collections.
Chk out this quiz:

Me too said...

Karthik, not surprising. Most of them may be 'andha kaalathu' for you!!

ttm, nice quiz! But I could identify only 1, 2, 6, 9, 12, 14!

Anonymous said...

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